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A collection of 22 stories and essays, each with original art, from internet writers/artists, new and old. Featuring an introduction by David Wong (John Dies at the End, Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits) and these fine people:

  • Diana McCallum (Texts from Superheroes, Cracked.com)
  • C. Coville (Cracked.com, One Star Reviews)
  • Kathy Benjamin (Cracked.com, Funerals to Die For)
  • Rani Baker (Transadvocate, Harlot Media)
  • Adam Wears (Cracked.com)
  • Asher Cantrell (Other Gods, Cracked.com)
And many more!

If you download this book and enjoy it, please make a donation to Kiva.org or your favorite charity.

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Four Humors: A Collection 1 MB

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